Lisa Eldridge Quick Make Over

Lisa Eldridge Quick Make Over

Oct 4, 2011
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I had so many requests for a tutorial on this look after I wore it in the ‘New French Manicure’ video (and more recently, the fashion week ‘Giveaway’). The funny thing is, I was running so late that day, it’s ironically one of the quickest and least thought-out looks I’ve ever done on myself! Very little technique and expert blending is needed so it’s good for everyone including make-up rookies! You can adapt the look by adding eyeliner to make it look more done or evening. With all the rosy blush, highlighter and shimmery eyes, Its a really nice skin boosting look too. Pretty for day or night when you need to look polished and pulled together in a jiffy! Hope you enjoy watching. Lisa Eldridge X

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